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In the middle of a park you can see the U-shaped building in baroque style with 52 rooms and 356 windows each symbolizing the weeks and days of the year. A bridge stretches over the green clear water pond, which we will cross to get to the huge gate opening in front of the visitors.

The architecture of the rooms instills a baroque atmosphere making us understand why Teleki Castle was named the most beautiful of Transylvania’s castles. The impressive flight of stairs, the elegant chandeliers and the walls with their decorative elements take us back in time. Today, the halls, once a meeting place for the families of royal blood, are empty as most pieces of furniture have been stolen during World War II. Going back in time we find the history of this castle starts at the end of the 18th century.

Where the castle is today there stood a medieval fortress that lasted till 1772. The fortress came into Teleki family possession, more precisely Mihaly Teleki in 1664 and it was demolished in 1772 to make room to the present day castle in baroque style.