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A journey in time, an encounter, a rediscovery of something that is truly authentic, in this bond between man, God and Nature. This is what I find in Romania. Pure romantism.

In rural Romania we can explore a life style that in other places disappeared a century ago. Traditions, like shepherding, weaving and carpentry are still alive in Romanian villages. In Romania you can see traditions such as ploughing with horses, cutting hay with a scythe, milking cows, making horseshoes by hand, etc.


21st of July Găina Mountain – Maiden Fair (3-4 hours of walking along the village)
“Maiden Fair” from Găina Mountain takes place around July 20th on St. Ilie day every year (the largest Romanian traditional outdoors holiday), opportunity to enjoy the dance and Transylvanian traditional port and to “bargain” over specific handicraft products.

The open space Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului, Sibiu See More , will host between 9 and 15 September, the first edition of the “National Festival of Popular Traditions”

The sheep ravishing takes place in Bran, in October and is the moment in which every shepherd climbs down with his sheep, from the mountain to the village, to give every householder his sheep and an important part of cheese.

On the night of October 30th, Halloween Celebration takes place at the Bran Castle See More . It takes about two days, during which tourists will be scared, Bran Castle See More becoming the perfect location for seekers of mysteries.

“Junii Brașovului” is one of the most popular customs of Brașov. On the first Sunday after Easter, also known as the Thomas Sunday, “Junii Brașovului” custom takes place.

“Junii Brașovului” represents a quite cheerful tradition, a parade in the fresh air of spring.

“Junii Brașovului” represents several groups of young people, from Schei district. “Junii Brașovului” perform real parades since early morning.

The Daffodil Festival “blooms” the Brașov tradition. It is held in Dumbrava Vadului reservation within Șercaia commune, Vad village.

The Daffodil Festival takes place every year in May in Dumbrava Vadului reservation. It is right in the middle of the Făgăraș Mountains, an area where daffodils grow in large numbers. This reservation is also known as “Dumbrava cu coprine”. In fact the word “coprine” translates into “daffodils”.