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Prejmer Fortified Evangelical Church was built in the 13th century on an ancient Roman basilica. The Evanghelical fortified church ensemble consisting of the fortified church, a watch road, two towers, two bastions and a gate tower, is a historical monument . Like other monuments in Transylvania, Prejmer fortified church has undergone many transformations, but after the restoration it acquired its original shape. It is the best preserved and most powerful medieval fortified church in Eastern Europe. In 1999 the church was enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage.

Dedicated to “the Holy Cross “, the church was built on a central plan in the shape of a Greek cross, as amended by the interventions of the sixteenth century. Initially, the building was composed of four equal arms arranged around a square with an octagonal tower at the center. Each arm was composed of two bays, one square and one polygonal, the choir being flanked on both sides by two pairs of rectangular chapels.