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The massive church dedicated to the “Holy Trinity”, was built on the model of the Serbian church Crusevat, made of hard white stone, between 1387-1391, by the ruler Mircea cel Bătrân (the Elder).

The monastery surprises by the precision and perfection of the artistic achievement. It was consecrated on May 18th 1388.

The upper part of the windows frames and the paintings date back to Mircea the Elder’s time. The painting was renovated in 1517, during the reign of Neagoe Basarab, when the fountain that bears his name was also built, as seen in a fragment of inscription.

The original painting is kept very well even nowadays, where, on the western wall, Mircea and his son Mihail are painted wearing knight costumes, while on the left there is the portrait of Șerban Cantacuzino.

Cozia Monastery was and, it still is, a strong outbreak of Romanian culture.