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On the upper course of Argeș river, between the XIIIth and XVth centuries, an outpost and later a city was built, shrouded by legends; Poienari, was first mentioned in 1453.

The elongated fortification, with 2-3 meters thick walls and 5 defense towers, was part of a sole siege, the Turkish one, in the summer of 1462.

The building was raised directly on the rock. The towers were covered with shingle, the interiors were paved with bricks. For security reasons, the access door to the tower was at the first level, the access being made through a mobile staircase. It is assumed that the isolated fortress, far from the trade routes was a refuge, a place of imprisonment of enemies or a shelter for the country treasury.

The fact is that it was the property of Vlad Dracul (the Devil)’s family. Legend says that Vlad Ţepeş (the Impaler) reaching helm of the country in 1459 arrested all the boyar families who participated in the assassination of his father – some of them were impaled and others forced to walk from the capital, Târgoviște at that time, up to Poenari and to build there a fortress on the ruins of the ancient outpost.

Another legend links the fortress building to the legendary ruler Negru Vodă, to whom the two signs near the top of the cliff are attributed – traces which seem left there by some huge shoes.

One thing is certain: after climbing the 1,480 steps, you will be convinced that the landscape was worth the effort.